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Eastern Conference Champions

by Nenjah Nycist & Sum Total

You know who to call when it's time to get the bag It's lofi Lebron and the crown ain't up for grabs Spinning through the block like I'm Taz My foot is on they neck and the gas I bought some lingerie to ya show because you ass I ain't know what size you want Shit I should've asked Niggaz always talking 'bout, "I got a past" But presently your future well it's looking bad I could coach you how to ball in Brooklyn I'm like Nash I dropped out of school but baby I like math Light jabs I duck 'em Like Madden truck 'em Hitstick it get lit and yo shit get lifted You take what's mine then I'm taking yours You take what's mine then I'm taking yours Eye for eye, eye for an eye Yo shit can get lifted You know who to call when it's time to get the cash Don't be afraid when them ninjas in yo stash Now you salty Mrs. Dash I'm OT time and a half I'm doing work nigga I'm doing work I put in work Doing work Put in work Gotta work Get this work
See a grip full of fear will hit whatever innocence is near I'm over 9000 and your blip ain't coming in too clear Better find housing yo I brainstorm it might get weird Acid might drop set you on fire and rust your beard Smell like dope and death I'm slumped on the steps They pushing on my chest My spirit's out my flesh Grim reaper's breath Breathing down my neck Hot as shit I hope this kind of quick Enjoyed the show but I just want to dose Kind of lit my nose leaking blood My fire froze the crows gliding close I watch my eyes roll A whole debacle ensued Ambulance arrived slow, rude Laying in the rain Fucking up my suede suit But I can't move I saw my nigga snatch my chain I had to take two They called me lame And as my shirt stained I'm having breakthroughs Them niggaz set me up Them paramedics on a late cruise Trying to wake me up The reaper digging trying to make room I left my gun at home It wasn't clean I only brought my knife They told me bring the cash Just be cool and it'll be alright Last night I was with Lorraine She still fucking with the glass pipe Still suck it mean But I always treat her mad nice We can leave our past life love She said, "Is that right?" Well I know these cats in Queens And they make a lot of cream And they living out our dreams They be serving all these things Just act like you buying You don't need the iron I swear they'll be compliant Now I'm staring at me dying Momma crying Once the bearers put that casket in the dirt A couple people cry A lot of niggaz lie And bitches acting hurt But then it's back to work Forgotten eulogies about this bastard's birth uh Duke's a lame What's his name? Duke's a lame What's his name? Duke's a lame What's his name? Dark Skin Jermaine See what I mean I can see it candid I reached an understanding with the reaper Staring at the cemetery in my motherfucking leisure Thought she was my queen I need her but I think I got to leave her Living single she Khadija Drunk about a fucking liter So many missed calls Think I pitfall Dissolving menthols I can't walk can't crawl A ragdoll I hit walls Hit withdrawal Don't want to be with y'all Meant all I said I can't get up out of my bed Can't get up out of my head Haven't been washing Just weighing my options Thinking about death now I'm dead Been so misled Sorry doc ain't got the bread I know you need it for my betterment Ain't got the meds And all I should've said is what I never say My demons celebrate in front of heaven's gate I'm out Thought you heard my footsteps but nah It ain't nothing there You can't trust ya ears If a ninja like me ever near The moment's dull then two swords to ya skull like the Buccaneers Bitch Ima eat like the big veneers
I give you my My life I give you mine Like it's the blueprint I give you my Everything Look study yo camp If they say I love you but ya'll ain't gone through no shit They capping ass friends Yo don't ask me bout ehh He packed up and ran I black with the pen so I don't black out on them Like you bleaching yo skin Just to go tan You lost and confused nigga I am the man I'm black like the back of the pan These spiritual gems Keep the darkness so dim Let the action begin I got a package of plans I came a long way from holes In the back of my Vans I'm on the road doing shows In the back of the van I'm doing dabs with the fans Listen here fam I'ma eat I'ma eat And I don't care if it's bland Talk spicy shoot yo shot And I don't care if it jams Lord is my shepherd But don't dare think that I'm lamb There's a thousand ways to die But all I ask from you is one thing Keep it a grand Cause I already know the deal Baby I'ma keep it real Don't give a fuck bout how they feel I be the one to keep it real Cause I already know the deal Baby I'ma keep it real Don't give a fuck bout how they feel Cause I already know the deal They said you can't walk before you crawl But diabetes left my Moms without a leg at all So I'ma run it all And hustle like I chase the ball Out of bounds Smile on my face even after we lost the House Championship ring on her finger As we walk the aisle This for life baby Death is certain But we chose the route Knocked down but Never down for the count Niggaz talk but we talk of the town What now I can tell who's real or phony I don't got too many homies I can do it all by my lonely Watch the return I can tell who's real or phony I don't got too many homies I can do it all by my lonely Watch the return Watch the return Watch the return Watch the return
We make the shit you can't rewind enough Like when Pusha met Obama bruh I send half of these clips at the President And make Donald Duck Never sign to a Goofy You might get roofied Now you stuck That a Mickey deal Look I'm always on chill Yo integrity is a basic skill But only when you ill And she gone let me kill Cause these pockets keep some vegetables Hey this eggplants delectable Ass fat plus she flexible Plus she's an intellectual The queen of my dreams Everlasting shine Everything on gleam Sparkle like Mr. Clean I don't play no games This is not Steam Chick from the UK I think she keen I can see it in her eyes She only see green She only see green She only see green Money machine Money ma Money machine Money ma She want that money Money money money Money money money Let's walk down the aisle On another isle We can do it for the gram But that's not my style My eyes stay low like my profile I'm bout to get freaky with somebody's child If I'm going in then I'm going in raw I'm heavy involved Camera's out like we about to go vlog But it's gone be more They gone be watching like Audomar I hope it don't leak like a drippy faucet From the mattress to the car That low end machine yeah it's soft and Worth my time Worth the fine Beauty you define You my sign Truthly you the kind You the type I risk it all for you I might I do not believe the hype I walk in faith and not by sight So what you doing later I could pull up so pull up pull up tonight
Yeah uh uh I had a hard time with the liqs I'd always start shit Used to drink dark But switched to the light like Aunt Viv Black out like Onyx I ain't care long hair like feminist armpits Rocking wino garments Holy I'm what God is Birth from a goddess Doley I'm an artist But my conscious tarnished Fuck pork I'm getting chicken chicken That's regardless Double down Rap circles all around you Nauseous Nenjah's style Sushi bars Rolling papers Raw shit The sword's in yo organs They gone play them organs My morale is to go for miles But nah I spit venom And cause carnage That's a bar And I don't do it for herbs I'ma switch it to the herb Ya green is so trash Ya dealer probably a big bird The sour leave you breathing hard Kind of like a big nerd Ya shit is anachronistic Nigga that's a big word You can't teach some to fish They'd rather buy gizzards These internet trolls man They be the biggest bitches Trolls live under burning bridges I live in my enemy's heart I don't visit See me and the misses got it out the kitchen Some won't ever get it Yo I'm Contra when I'm switching weapons You a contradiction Study competition Shit I write is nice They compliment my diction Only one pot to piss in Had to dip before eviction Mommy said we going tripping Fuck a rap beef The real beef is when the judge is dissing Threw the book Man that shit was non fiction Nerves bad my palms itching Confused in calm tension Next day my sis missing In a instance Trying to survive I'm living off of fries Pills were prescribed Bills on the rise Sleep deprived Middle of nights Ear to the wall listening to lies Word to the wise Right your pain
The backyard got mountains in it I do not move until my accountant finished Big mason jars Each one an ounce of spinach You only see results The real work ain't documented Now what's realer than that My drive is so crazy I might speed with a flat Keep a fly bitch around me Like I'm feeding a gnat Or I'm feeding her crack Cause she fiending for that ha I ain't a playa I just crush a lot And I'm all in her shit Like a Russian bot See I don't trust a treesh And I don't trust a thot But a real ass woman I can love a lot And we can tie the knot If she love a knot Cause niggaz want to plot Til they dig your plot But that's cool I ain't controlled by fear no If I blacked on you It's cause I care bro Quarantine bars so essential Sword is sharp as my motherfucking mental You have to unravel the scroll To check my credentials They don't care about what you can't Only what you can do Ayo Sum I'm talking my shit Style Simone Biles shit I'm known to flip Ridiculous Life un pelicula Here's a clip Go Go See I been here before Know where this road goes I see it all with a bird's eye view I've seen it all See I been here before Know where this road goes Seen it all before Ain't nothing new Nothing new
Clean 02:53
I fiend for rhymes And I need a line It's godbody keep your demon time Jordan box and it's full of naan Around my way man they call it pan Angels laugh devils cry Keep a sword with guns For yo stank ass Ichiban Pull up bumpin Beenie Man Yeah it's big ninja no genin Pigs on my wheels Like Guinea Yeah I'm so special like Timmy Underground king Everything mainstream I appreciate the nightmare So I can share this dream Everything clean Grapes fed by a queen Lobsters steamed Big trees on a digi beam Unlocking potential My life's like Memento And when it comes to opportunities I open windows No questions I'm flexing Take flight no connections Might invest in 6G On some next shit We ain't stressing We don't need the acceptance From you From him From her From them Maybe trying to do too much Got me out of touch Got a flush you royally fucked Fucking with us I came to crush You niggaz is plush tuh A bunch of ducks And I want the bills Nigga can you feel How I got you on my line But I still can't reach you That school to prison pipeline real They can't teach you You niggaz fake woke Doing fake coke You play fake rich I play fake broke Got a trust issue So I stay low Always on the go But I stay dope Shorty bad and She bout her bread Dej Loaf She open up the door I'm bout to explore her Like I'm Diego In like 30 different places I'm talking like NATO She loved the bread so much I had to give her mayo Keep a mask on me Kind of like ayo And I just want a rollie that's a clean K.O


released December 30, 2020

Produced by Sum Total.
Mixed and Mastered by Nenjah Nycist at The Dojo Studios.


all rights reserved



Nenjah Nycist Brooklyn, New York

I'm from NY. I like nice things and lofi.

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