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i love reign.

by Nenjah Nycist

No Leader 01:57
They love you when you good, despise you when you better Like a nigga with low standards, I'm with whatever Connected like a tether And I don't need the credit My ideas are made big, Ms. Voletta Put so much work out eh, I can't sweat it Got something for 'em though, like it's Reddit Go I will let it Sword that's my bitch but you would never want to pet it Oh shit, oh shit I think he need a medic Feds tryna catch what I netted Rocking masks way before Corona I'm trendsetting It's the God, Kemetic I said fuck defeat, you had a foot fetish I'm smoking big lettuce You sound rusty as fuck, big tetanus Get your shot You never really know where I'm headed Go ahead and roll in the edits To the paramedics you indebted If ya pathetic ass survive the young dread Which side you want Sword like a diabetic Limbs severed, slumped Freely corrupt like Trump Eating so much like Klumps Getting the bucks like Krump's Grinding like frontside blunt I do what the fuck I want Sword by my side, I am the future Trunks Here to usurp you chumps Dolo too but I ain't no shaolin monk Money keep piling up Acting funny, rile me up I weathered the storms without FEMA In Medina got my green up All my enemies like, let's team up Talk about the nenj then you better read up Then go re-up Gotta beam up, G'z up If it ain't them then it's gotta be us Don't come with your hand out Macarena Niggaz was grounded, they ballerinas Married to this shit, fuck a prenup Lived in a nightmare as a dreamer Foul niggaz gotta get t'd up Niggaz grab guns 'cause they get beat up Cousin Skeeters, always a puppet No Leader Let me blow my cheeba
I'm locked in Hallucinate in my shell toes That's RUN DMT They e-n-v-y 'cause it's wild fun being me This that new uncut BET And I don't care about the views unless the shits is breathtaking Huh, I'm the eastside Wes Craven All that 'I'm the best rapper out' talk Save it, shit is dated Put on Fela - Zombies Feel the cravings Ate so many trash rappers I regurgitated And I spit your favorite out Ooh yo there he go Ah ooh 'bout to be a burial oh Bust a move, bust a move, bust a move Pockets on Terio Yeah You hang out with crabs, Ariel Flow is ethereal Nothing about you a serial killer but You can just fuck up some Cheerios Mask on, Ray Mysterio Kill him again I'm a kill him again I'm a kill him again Uh again and again I'm a man with standards Ninjas known to vanish Only drive-by where I want the bullets landed Is right where the Klan is Tired of being famish Eat ya food when the sword is being brandished Watch where my hand is Like the lotto, quick draw then it's damage Swing swing That's the only Thing thing You'll hear 'til you see ya limbs fling And I peel off style bananas And I talk to phantoms and it probably look wild as fuck on camera Scrolling Bruce Banner in Atlanta Smoking grams like I'm killing nana Looking out for white vans Baddie on the side Vanna White stance I don't wear 'em but I'd still bust ya ass in tight pants Behind me there's a shawarma ninjas And you looking like lamb And ya mans might tell but I do not like ham And I don't fight fam I just cut you off like aggressive driving Pop a Vyvanse then get super focused Super focused
It Me 03:13
They say what they want I'ma puff all these blunts And take my bitch to lunch I might get these fronts I might get this pinky She want it in the stinky The whole hood cranky 'Cause niggaz still popping off them fireworks And someone always getting shot Enjoy your time on Earth Aries energy, you know I keep the fire first I'm setting off the fly alert You ash and you die of thirst She seen the wave, she might've surfed She seen ya fade, it kind of hurt She fucking with the flyest blerd As I smoke my j, I get silent like Bob Find your IP address just to fuck you up Keep talking shit Told niggaz to invest and I guess I ain't have enough guns to impress And I know You would never say shit with your chest 'Cause you's a hoe We really up next bitch ass nigga Real estate on a isle before I return to dirt Always on my job, I could never return to work Kick a rapper in his chest make him return the perc Some don't like me I'm too high to be down to earth Society ain't serve me So I served them Even got papers to put ya herbs in I got coffins to put you herbs Tag 'em and bag 'em like Birkin Prosperity is my motherfucking birthright This the shit you rock when you swerving on the turnpike This the shit you rock when you bugging tryna earn stripes This the shit you rock when you tryna get ya nerves right If my life don't matter Your's ain't shit That's just it For this freedom we gon hit a lick And burn this whole shit Down, down, down Whole town, town, town If you clowns can't swim you gon Drown, drown, drown And I ain't got no lifesaver You broke 'cause you don't like paper It's me and my night raiders Dropped out to find the right major Ya girl owe me nice favors I'm buzzing like her lightsaber And you, you just hate on real niggaz like a right-winger Licking boots It's quiet for you holmes Investing in some homes When you getting money Colors shown Now everyone asking for a loan
Showdown 02:24
They want a lot from me Chillen on my stoop Puffin' broccoli You can cop from me Always been a hustler so it's not for free And all the real ninjas, they rock with me Too many styles you can't copy me, finesse You niggaz must be fucking with that poppy seed Ain't no blocking me Ya bird flock to me Cause I do this properly Never sloppily Too hot for these hoes Habanero Yo calm yo ego Yeah I got that rock button Yeah I got that stop button Yeah Yeah You ain't one of my sons And you don't want the smoke like a bad lung See Nenjah got pull like a wagon And it's flame on like Drag-On So fuck everybody with a badge on uh Nenjah bring the sazon Make love with the mask on Whoa my ninjas be wildin' Wildin' on you stylin' on you like it's '06 Bitch I'm focused Hallelujah I'm the ruler got the moola And you know this I'm making a movie, no script I ain't wrote this And Nenjah the Nycist No shit If you ain't talking dough then shut up and roll The reason that you broke is you lack self control I practice discipline because the Nenjah grows I got money in my twenties from a fucking stove No one told me how to swim but I fucking dove And I do that shit again Bruce Leroy I got the glow Got all the tools that I need like I work at Loew's Whoa, Samurai show


released September 4, 2020


all rights reserved



Nenjah Nycist Brooklyn, New York

I'm from NY. I like nice things and lofi.

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