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See a grip full of fear will hit whatever innocence is near
I'm over 9000 and your blip ain't coming in too clear
Better find housing yo I brainstorm it might get weird
Acid might drop set you on fire and rust your beard

Smell like dope and death
I'm slumped on the steps
They pushing on my chest
My spirit's out my flesh
Grim reaper's breath
Breathing down my neck
Hot as shit
I hope this kind of quick
Enjoyed the show but I just want to dose
Kind of lit my nose leaking blood
My fire froze the crows gliding close
I watch my eyes roll
A whole debacle ensued
Ambulance arrived slow, rude
Laying in the rain
Fucking up my suede suit
But I can't move
I saw my nigga snatch my chain
I had to take two
They called me lame
And as my shirt stained
I'm having breakthroughs
Them niggaz set me up
Them paramedics on a late cruise
Trying to wake me up
The reaper digging trying to make room
I left my gun at home
It wasn't clean I only brought my knife
They told me bring the cash
Just be cool and it'll be alright
Last night I was with Lorraine
She still fucking with the glass pipe
Still suck it mean
But I always treat her mad nice
We can leave our past life love
She said, "Is that right?"
Well I know these cats in Queens
And they make a lot of cream
And they living out our dreams
They be serving all these things
Just act like you buying
You don't need the iron
I swear they'll be compliant
Now I'm staring at me dying
Momma crying
Once the bearers put that casket in the dirt
A couple people cry
A lot of niggaz lie
And bitches acting hurt
But then it's back to work
Forgotten eulogies about this bastard's birth uh

Duke's a lame
What's his name?
Duke's a lame
What's his name?
Duke's a lame
What's his name?
Dark Skin Jermaine
See what I mean

I can see it candid
I reached an understanding with the reaper
Staring at the cemetery in my motherfucking leisure
Thought she was my queen
I need her but I think I got to leave her
Living single she Khadija
Drunk about a fucking liter
So many missed calls
Think I pitfall
Dissolving menthols
I can't walk can't crawl
A ragdoll I hit walls
Hit withdrawal
Don't want to be with y'all
Meant all I said
I can't get up out of my bed
Can't get up out of my head
Haven't been washing
Just weighing my options
Thinking about death now I'm dead
Been so misled
Sorry doc ain't got the bread
I know you need it for my betterment
Ain't got the meds
And all I should've said is what I never say
My demons celebrate in front of heaven's gate
I'm out

Thought you heard my footsteps but nah
It ain't nothing there
You can't trust ya ears
If a ninja like me ever near
The moment's dull then two swords to ya skull like the Buccaneers
Bitch Ima eat like the big veneers


from Eastern Conference Champions, released December 30, 2020


all rights reserved



Nenjah Nycist Brooklyn, New York

I'm from NY. I like nice things and lofi.

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