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from Teslo​.​fi by Nenjah Nycist



I am the one they used to laugh at
Phone always buzzing in the back now that's the Cash App
Walls too white the crew hype they 'bout to tag that
Pull up to the party fuck a 'Splash That'
Crash that, yeah
Me and my nenj out for fat stacks
You and ya mans be playing grab ass
Big homie told me you can't understand what they mad at
Your path that of the abstract
Air vents is hidden and the roof is glass
Pass that
Extra five racks back
For the autopilot enhanced
Watch it do the dance
Lay back you could tan
That 4 door sedan is always in the plans
What's a couple grand when you grand?
Look, I am the one the young'ns check for
I am the one the old heads respect more
I am the one the ladies gone love
I got the juice I carry a jug
Still ain't a heaven for you internet thugs
Even in the whip I'm getting internet love
I touch screens, I touch dreams
Difference between me and them
I love cream they love memes
Got nenjahz on the team that only know extremes
Got nenjahz on the beam balancing these things
I can be your tutor hit the 'luda' then I'm in the future
Fuck a Mini Cooper seats fuschia model X got room to practice Karma Sutras
I'm James Bond as Luther way cooler
Eating yuka you know when I maneuver
Hit up Cuba my medulla get massaged
Charge up in the garage
The stu is in the lodge
I smoke and then I talk to God
The fit I'm in
A hundred thousand yen
Watch who I call friend
Even hating ass kin fuck 'em
Eat a shuriken the doc gone pluck 'em from ya skin
I gotta fucking win
I'm so New York
I fuck in Tims
All my friends hustle and my rhymes worth a million
Weed is brilliant you catching feelings
they catching millions
I need a piece of that uh, no Sicilian
Ready whenever and wherever the Lord is willin'
And I don't listen to rappers signed to reptilians


from Teslo​.​fi, released July 4, 2019
Produced by Nenjah Nycist.
Bass: Rob Castro of Concuss


all rights reserved



Nenjah Nycist Brooklyn, New York

I'm from NY. I like nice things and lofi.

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