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produced by olehead.


They say what they want
I'ma puff all these blunts
And take my bitch to lunch
I might get these fronts
I might get this pinky
She want it in the stinky
The whole hood cranky
'Cause niggaz still popping off them fireworks
And someone always getting shot
Enjoy your time on Earth
Aries energy, you know I keep the fire first
I'm setting off the fly alert
You ash and you die of thirst
She seen the wave, she might've surfed
She seen ya fade, it kind of hurt
She fucking with the flyest blerd
As I smoke my j, I get silent like Bob
Find your IP address just to fuck you up
Keep talking shit
Told niggaz to invest and I guess
I ain't have enough guns to impress
And I know
You would never say shit with your chest
'Cause you's a hoe
We really up next bitch ass nigga
Real estate on a isle before I return to dirt
Always on my job, I could never return to work
Kick a rapper in his chest make him return the perc
Some don't like me I'm too high to be down to earth
Society ain't serve me
So I served them
Even got papers to put ya herbs in
I got coffins to put you herbs
Tag 'em and bag 'em like Birkin

Prosperity is my motherfucking birthright
This the shit you rock when you swerving on the turnpike
This the shit you rock when you bugging tryna earn stripes
This the shit you rock when you tryna get ya nerves right
If my life don't matter
Your's ain't shit
That's just it
For this freedom we gon hit a lick
And burn this whole shit
Down, down, down
Whole town, town, town
If you clowns can't swim you gon
Drown, drown, drown
And I ain't got no lifesaver
You broke 'cause you don't like paper
It's me and my night raiders
Dropped out to find the right major
Ya girl owe me nice favors
I'm buzzing like her lightsaber
And you, you just hate on real niggaz like a right-winger
Licking boots
It's quiet for you holmes
Investing in some homes
When you getting money
Colors shown
Now everyone asking for a loan


from i love reign., released September 4, 2020
produced by olehead.
mixed and mastered at dojo studios. brooklyn, ny


all rights reserved



Nenjah Nycist Brooklyn, New York

I'm from NY. I like nice things and lofi.

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