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No Leader

from i love reign. by Nenjah Nycist



produced by olehead.


They love you when you good, despise you when you better
Like a nigga with low standards, I'm with whatever
Connected like a tether
And I don't need the credit
My ideas are made big, Ms. Voletta
Put so much work out eh, I can't sweat it
Got something for 'em though, like it's Reddit
Go I will let it
Sword that's my bitch but you would never want to pet it
Oh shit, oh shit I think he need a medic
Feds tryna catch what I netted
Rocking masks way before Corona I'm trendsetting
It's the God, Kemetic
I said fuck defeat, you had a foot fetish
I'm smoking big lettuce
You sound rusty as fuck, big tetanus
Get your shot
You never really know where I'm headed
Go ahead and roll in the edits
To the paramedics you indebted
If ya pathetic ass survive the young dread
Which side you want
Sword like a diabetic
Limbs severed, slumped
Freely corrupt like Trump
Eating so much like Klumps
Getting the bucks like Krump's
Grinding like frontside blunt
I do what the fuck I want
Sword by my side, I am the future Trunks
Here to usurp you chumps
Dolo too but I ain't no shaolin monk
Money keep piling up
Acting funny, rile me up
I weathered the storms without FEMA
In Medina got my green up
All my enemies like, let's team up
Talk about the nenj then you better read up
Then go re-up
Gotta beam up, G'z up
If it ain't them then it's gotta be us
Don't come with your hand out Macarena
Niggaz was grounded, they ballerinas
Married to this shit, fuck a prenup
Lived in a nightmare as a dreamer
Foul niggaz gotta get t'd up
Niggaz grab guns 'cause they get beat up
Cousin Skeeters, always a puppet
No Leader
Let me blow my cheeba


from i love reign., released September 4, 2020
produced by olehead.
mixed and mastered at dojo studios. brooklyn, ny


all rights reserved



Nenjah Nycist Brooklyn, New York

I'm from NY. I like nice things and lofi.

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