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Yeah uh uh
I had a hard time with the liqs
I'd always start shit
Used to drink dark
But switched to the light like Aunt Viv
Black out like Onyx
I ain't care long hair like feminist armpits
Rocking wino garments
Holy I'm what God is
Birth from a goddess
Doley I'm an artist
But my conscious tarnished
Fuck pork I'm getting chicken chicken
That's regardless
Double down
Rap circles all around you
Nenjah's style
Sushi bars
Rolling papers
Raw shit
The sword's in yo organs
They gone play them organs
My morale is to go for miles
But nah I spit venom
And cause carnage
That's a bar
And I don't do it for herbs
I'ma switch it to the herb
Ya green is so trash
Ya dealer probably a big bird
The sour leave you breathing hard
Kind of like a big nerd
Ya shit is anachronistic
Nigga that's a big word

You can't teach some to fish
They'd rather buy gizzards
These internet trolls man
They be the biggest bitches
Trolls live under burning bridges
I live in my enemy's heart
I don't visit
See me and the misses got it out the kitchen
Some won't ever get it
Yo I'm Contra when I'm switching weapons
You a contradiction
Study competition
Shit I write is nice
They compliment my diction
Only one pot to piss in
Had to dip before eviction
Mommy said we going tripping
Fuck a rap beef
The real beef is when the judge is dissing
Threw the book
Man that shit was non fiction
Nerves bad my palms itching
Confused in calm tension
Next day my sis missing
In a instance
Trying to survive
I'm living off of fries
Pills were prescribed
Bills on the rise
Sleep deprived
Middle of nights
Ear to the wall listening to lies
Word to the wise
Right your pain


from Eastern Conference Champions, released December 30, 2020


all rights reserved



Nenjah Nycist Brooklyn, New York

I'm from NY. I like nice things and lofi.

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